Congratulations from P2A to HUST

Thursday - 14/10/2021 01:09

On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of HUST, Mr. Jeroen G. Schedler, P2A chair Executive Committee conveyed the warmest congratulations to HUST.

P2A is a non-profit network that was officially formed in June 2012. The concepts of P2A were established then, which were based on the vision of the ASEAN Charter: “One Vision, One Identity” and creating “one caring and sharing community”. Passage to ASEAN is driven by the need for regional solidarity and a shared responsibility towards people and society as a whole. P2A was initiated with the principle that higher education should be a leader in the development of society.

Today, P2A is growing fast with our core values, which are simplicity, flexibility, and most importantly a direct focus on our students, who will shape our world of tomorrow. P2A “belongs” to its Members; each Member institution plays a vital its development, decision-making and programs


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