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Mission-Vision-Core Values

Mission-Vision-Core Values


We commit to human development, high-quality education, scientific research, technological innovation and knowledge transfer for the betterment of our nation and society.


We strive to become the leading research university in which engineering, and technology are at the core of the university and to contribute to the development of the knowledge economy, peace and security, and Vietnam’s higher education.


HUST is constantly in pursuit of becoming a pioneer research university in Vietnam and Asia, a hub for scientific and technological intellectuals, and an attractive environment for nurturing talent.  

Our core values: 

1. Excellence & Effectiveness: We offer education programs that are committed to excellence and effectiveness through our education process 

2. Dedication & Commitment: We promote dedication and honor commitment as our long-standing values 

3. Integrity & Respect: We value integrity and respect dignity and diversity in all aspects of university life 

4. Individual Talent & Collective Brainpower: We consider individual creativity and intellectual differences as key elements for success and innovation 

5. Inheritance & Creativity: We inherit intellect and values from prior generations in promoting innovation and sustainable development

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