HUST with 6 milestones in a year of turmoil, 2020

Sunday - 17/01/2021 20:50

It goes without saying that 2020 is a year of challenges for Vietnam. There are a range of difficulties in terms of Economic, Sociocultural and Educational aspects which stem from COVID-19 pandemic. As the whole country pulls together to get through the threat, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) has strived to overcome obstacles and achieved many achievements in organization, teaching, scientific research, technology transfer and innovation.

1. Rapid response to COVID-19 pandemic and floods in central Vietnam

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, HUST has proactively planned teaching and learning in epidemic prevention conditions while ensured the quality, health safety and life assurance for students, staff and lecturers. Online teaching in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2019-2020 has been effectively organized, with more than 4000 theoretical classes and exercises have been transferred into online platforms. Supports from HUST and businesses (HUST alumni) have been promptly sent to students: nearly 400 students received laptops for online learning; and up to 6000 students whose families have been economically affected by Covid-19 are exempt from tuition fees.

Nearly 400 students received laptops for online learning.

Ensuring health for students and staff, HUST has produced and presented antiseptic solutions to many centralized quarantine areas. Besides, with the donation from officials and employees, HUST contributed 200 million VND to the COVID-19 Prevention Fund through the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front.

HUST presented antiseptic solutions to the centralized quarantine areas.

HUST also organized fundraising activities to support Central Vietnam and presented teaching equipment and supplies with the total value of nearly 500 million for 2 schools in Quang Tri which were severely affected during the historic floods at the end of October, 2020. Besides, HUST also transferred 50 million VND to the Party Committee of Universities and Colleges in Hanoi as a response to the campaign supporting Central Vietnam, hence, more than 300 students whose families have been economically affected by Covid-19 are exempt from tuition fees.

The delegation of HUST presented teaching equipment and supplies to Huong Viet Primary and Secondary School, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province

2. Successfully holding many internal events

Party Executive Committee, term XXX (2020-2025)

In a challenging year due to epidemics and natural disasters, HUST has successfully organized the 30th Congress of the School's Party Committee, the Conference of deputies to elect members of the School Council term 2020-2025, the Appointment Ceremony of the Principal and President of the School Council, the 22nd Student Union Congress of Hanoi University of Science and Technology for the term 2020-2023, and the Announcement Ceremony of the School Council. Those are clear evidences for the solidarity, innovation and breakthrough in the organization of Hanoi University of Technology.

Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang became the 13th President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology; Assoc. Prof. Hoang Minh Son took up the position of Chairman of School Council, then Deputy Minister of Education and Training

3. Smoothly organizing the 2020 university entrance exam

Regarding the admission, HUST has shown strong autonomy reflecting in the successful organization of the 2020 University Admissions exam. Being conducted under a safe and effective way, the exam attracted many talented students to enroll in HUST. The school continues to demonstrate the leading role among universities in Vietnam.

The entrance exam at HUST was carefully held during the COVID-19 pandemic

4. Implementing digital transformation in university governance

Staying tuned-in to the development trend, HUST has taken the initiatives in implementing digital transformation in management such as opening a one-stop service for students, lecturers/staff; implementing iCTSV scoring; building modules for infrastructure administration and scientific research; building and implementing Blended Learning, creating momentum for the digital transformation at HUST in the year 2021 and 2022.

Training conference on development strategy of Hanoi University of Science and Technology in the digital transformation period

5. Promoting innovation

HUST’s highlights in science and technology activities in 2020 is the scientific research associated with practical application which contribute to the betterment of society and promote creativity in startups. A wide range of devices and solutions has been launched to limit the spread of COVID-19 pandemic such as Rapid virus test kit, Negative pressure isolation stretcher, Positive pressure chamber, Fresh air respirator, Portable full body sterilization chamber, Ventilator... Besides, the school deployed BKFund – HUST Innovation Fund as well as successfully organized many innovative start-up programs..., stepping in the first phase of building an innovation ecosystem within HUST, affirming the leading position in innovation activities among universities in Vietnam.

The seminar on BK Fund - Hanoi University of Science and Technology Innovation and Startup Fund

6. Standardizing training programs

Also in the same year, the University has standardized training programs in accordance with the Law on Higher Education 2019 and Decree 99 for the bachelor, engineer, 180-credit engineer and master programs. In particular, the event of Hanoi University of Science and Technology participating in the General Announcement Ceremony on the Engineering Training Program among top 7 Technical Universities on June 27, 2020 has proved the University’s commitment to training quality, availability of high-quality human resources for industrialization, modernization, and development of the country's knowledge-based economy.

General Announcement Ceremony on the Engineering Training Program among top 7 Technical Universities

In the year 2021, Hanoi University of Science and Technology will always be strong in the spirit of initiative, pioneering. The university will keep on implementing digital transformation in the governance model as a basis of the process of organizational restructuring, hence the development into a multi-disciplinary research university as saying in the motto of the Party Committee term 2020 – 2025 “UNION – INNOVATION – BREAKTHROUGH”


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