Hanoi University of Science and Technology Staff Conference, 2016

Wednesday - 11/01/2017 19:03

To review and evaluate the results of the implementation of the Resolution at the 24th Staff Conference in 2016 and determine the direction of operation in 2017, on January 12th 2017, at C2 Hall, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) held the 25th Staff Conference.

The conference was chaired by the group of three chairpersons: Assoc. Prof. Hoang Minh Son - Secretary of the Party Committee, President of the University; Dr. Bui Duc Hung - Chairman of Trade Union; Mr. Vu Viet Hung - Head of People's Inspectorate. The secretariat is composed of Dr. Tran Ngoc Khiem - Head of Personnel and Assoc. Assoc. Prof. Phan Thanh Thao - Dean of School of Textiles - Footwear and Fashion.

To promote democracy, solidarity and intellect among the staff, from December 12th 2016 until today, HUST Staff Conference is conducted in departments, faculties and schools in the whole university according strictly to the plan. The units discussed the report by the heads of the units, the draft report by the President on the implementation of the Resolution from the 24th Staff Conference and proposed many important ideas devoted to the development of the University.

President of HUST Hoàng Minh Sơn reports at the conference

At the conference, the delegates listened to the summary report of 2016, highlighted outstanding achievements as well as pointed out the shortcomings that need to be overcome and set out the key directions and tasks for 2017. The conference also presented the report summarizing the comments of the units for the report by the President, report by the People's Inspection Committee during the past term. In addition, the committee adopted the modified regulation on organization and action.

The delegates attended the conference

In the past year, under the leadership of the Party Committee and the University Council, the Board of Management has worked closely with the Executive Board of the Trade Union to develop key tasks and specific plans and to direct and manage the completion of the missions. With the high level of collective intelligence, sense of responsibility and efforts of the university's leaders and all staff, lecturers and students, the University has fulfilled the tasks following the Resolution of the 24th Staff Conference.

The general orientation of the University in 2017 focuses on renovating the management system, developing and implementing solutions to effectively implement comprehensive autonomy. The key tasks in 2017 are also specified in many aspects such as personnel management and management; training and student care; scientific research and technology transfer; facilities, equipment and investment management; service and business; communication and external relations; planning - finance; staff and students’ material and spiritual lives, etc.

The delegates have actively discussed and frankly contributed their ideas and proposed solutions to remaining issues in the implementation of training, research and study counseling activities and some solutions to complete the missions of the University in 2017. Associate Professor Hoang Minh Son answered questions and appreciated the comments of the staff on the development of the University.

After many hours of hard and serious work, in the spirit of democracy and construction, the delegates adopted the Resolution of the Staff Conference in 2016. Accordingly, "next year, Hanoi University of Science and Technology will take the first step in comprehensive autonomy. This is an opportunity for the whole University to innovate in the management, operation and implementation of all activities and will certainly face many difficulties and challenges. The University’s leaders, together with all the staff and students, are confident to turn difficulties into motivation for development and transform challenges into opportunities to develop, meanwhile stay steadfast in the process of innovation. The University will strive to achieve more achievements so that Hanoi University of Science and Science and Technology continues to affirm its position as the leading technical university of the country, living up to the expectations of generations of staff, students and the society".

Vu Thom
Photo: Kim Chi

Author: TT TT & QHCC

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