American expert "burning up" technology startup in Vietnam

Wednesday - 22/02/2017 19:32

On February 23rd 2017, at BKHUP, No. 17 Ta Quang Buu Str., Hanoi, Mark Wolf had a talk to share interesting experience about management and capital calling for startups with the attendance of members of Vietnamese technology innovation and startup community in the talk show “Tech in SE Asia & Early Stage Funding 2”.

Mark Wolf currently operates and manages seven business systems in the United States and South East Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong). He has nearly 40 years of experience in investment, business management in real estate, finance, banking, and commerce, with a total value of traded businesses (investment, capital arrangements and regressions) of one billion US dollars. In addition, he is a multi-talented man who is both a businessman and a karate master.

Expert Mark Wolf shares his experience to build start-up business
and call for foreign investment

Mark Wolf is a keynote speaker on "Tech in Se Asia & Early Stage Funding 2", which focused on two areas about which technology and business startup community are concerning: technology revolution, present and future for Southeast Asia and early call for investment and capital in startup projects.

Mark Wolf believes that Southeast Asia is a region with great potential for economic development, trade and technology startups, with countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Mark also shares his experiences when he first started his business. At the same time, he emphasized the success of Thailand, a Southeast Asian nation that has developed rapidly through the dynamism of its people and the government's openness. "The establishment of the ‘Adventure Club’ in the country is proof of that," he said.

The concern of many start-ups in Vietnam now is that when establishing an enterprise, there is a lack in initial investment and capital that needs support from domestic and international funds and organizations such as Vietnam’s Silicon Valley, FIRST project, etc. However, they do not know how to call for funding. Mark answered questions and suggested procedures, methods and some knowledge to call for investment, as well as advice in managing and developing businesses effectively.

He believes that Vietnam, with young and creative human resource advantages, will have a lot of potential for start-up in the future. He advises, "Outside the IT industry, you should produce global creative ideas, as well as start up in real-life areas such as smart farming, high tech application in life and production, which will be more favorable when calling for investment capital from international start-up funds".

Hoang Anh

Author: TT TT & QHCC

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