HUST hosted Series of Events on Entrepreneurship in Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Sunday - 10/12/2023 22:33
On December 6, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Leeds University (UK), hosted the Think Tank program titled 'Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development in Higher Education.' This event forms part of a series of programs focused on Creative Entrepreneurship and the Climate Change Challenge, sponsored by the British Council under the UK Season 2023 program.
Scientists and experts exchanged at the workshop
Scientists and experts exchanged at the workshop
Structured as a roundtable discussion, “Think Tank” welcomed policymakers, businesses, and professionals in higher education to share insights on opportunities and challenges in promoting innovation in higher education. The program included discussions led by educators and educational managers on three topics, including current enterprise and entrepreneurship practices in higher education, capacity building for academics and researchers, and subjects related to graduate employability, self-employability, and mobility.
Researchers and students participating in the workshop
Ms. Donna McGowan, Country Director of British Council Vietnam, highlighted climate change as a top priority for both UK and Vietnamese universities, with 21 out of 30 UK/Viet Nam Season projects dedicated to this critical issue. These activities provided technical students with opportunities to explore new areas of entrepreneurship and climate change, generating innovative ideas to address future climate crises.

Associate Professor Chu Ky Son, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, emphasized the significance of innovation, especially in the field of climate change. He stated, " HUST recognizes the importance of cultivating an innovative spirit and creating an ecosystem that nurtures innovation among lecturers and students." In recent years, HUST has established the BK-Fund with the active participation and support of major businesses, along with organizing innovation and creativity contests such as the HUST-TECHSTART Technology Startup and the Youth Innovation Contest. These initiatives consistently encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of students and provide a sustainable platform for them to exercise their innovative ideas.
Prof. Stephen Dobson, experts from University of Leeds (UK), delivered his training to HUST's staff and students
Associate Professor Son also expressed gratitude to Prof. Stephen Dobson of the University of Leeds and the continuous support of the British Council for HUST's innovation activities. This marks the second occurrence of the event series at HUST after the 2019 program.

Earlier, on December 2, 3, and 5, two events tailored for students and faculty, namely the 'Hackscience Climate Change Challenge - Promoting, Creating, and Supporting a Circular Economy' competition and the 'TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAMME - Enterprise and Innovation in Higher Education Institution' for lecturers, were organized at HUST. Participating in the series of events, lecturers and students from many universities had the opportunity to learn about models that promote innovation and how to build projects in the field of sustainable development. Surpassing eight teams in the Hackscience competition, ITHEX secured first place with their initiative to apply AI in trash classification and create 'smart' trash cans. With continuous support from the university and experts, the project promises to create positive changes for the environment in the future."

 Some photos of the Series:

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