Inauguration of The New Headquarters Of AUF Asia-Pacific At Hanoi University Of Science And Technology

Friday - 05/04/2024 06:45
Last Tuesday (April 2, 2024) marked a historic moment of AUF Asia Pacific (the Agency of French-speaking universities in Asia-Pacific) as the relocation of its new headquarters to Hanoi University of Science and Technology’s campus since its first establishment in Hanoi over 30 years ago.
For 30 years, the AUF Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarters had the privilege of being hosted by the University of Natural Sciences, which belongs to the Vietnam National University in Hanoi (VNU). Over time, the AUF has expanded its presence in Asia-Pacific, broadening its scope and multiplying its initiatives. This growth now requires a more suitable internal organization to accommodate its new scale, expanding missions, and emerging challenges. Thus, the time has come for the AUF Asia-Pacific to turn over a new page in its history. After two years of careful consideration, the AUF Asia-Pacific has left its historic premises to settle in the heart of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
The main objectives of this relocation include:
  • To be a statement of AUF as a renewal of its professionalization policy, supported by the AUF General Director, Professor Slim Khalbous.
  • To bring together its Project and Administrative Teams in only one space to foster increasing synergy, thereby improving its operational efficiency. This consolidation reflects the AUF's commitment to professionalize its further activities in Asia-Pacific.
  • To gain better visibility and approach towards French-speaking student community of HUST but also of neighboring universities such as National Economics University and the University of Civil Engineering due to the strategic location.
Visit of the guests in the new headquarters office of AUF Asia-Pacific
Reflecting on the significant cooperation milestones between HUST and AUF in 2023:
  • January 11, 2023: The signing ceremony of the Framework Cooperation Agreement between HUST and AUF;
  • March 13, 2023: The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement to establish the AUF Asia-Pacific Office at HUST and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Center of Education Digitalization for French-speaking community (in French: Campus Numérique Francophone Hanoi) at the 2nd floor of the Ta Quang Buu Library, HUST.
The Inauguration Ceremony of the AUF Asia-Pacific Headquarter at HUST on last April 2nd marks a new important milestone in the cooperation history between the two parties, reaffirming once again the desire to jointly promote long-term and effective cooperation in the future. “…With this new “home”, I truly hope that AUF will attract even more Vietnamese scholars and to study and to share valuable scientific knowledge for the society, to spread the good values of the French-speaking community and to create more benefits for French-speaking students…” - stated by Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang, HUST President.
Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang – HUST President - delivered a speech at the Inauguration ceremony.
Prof. Laurent Sermet, Director of AUF Asia-Pacific, expressed his appreciation to HUST’s Management Board for their cooperative spirit and tremendous efforts in supporting AUF during the construction process. He also committed to actively participating in the internationalization process of education at HUST as well as at neighboring universities such as the National University of Economics, the University of Civil Engineering, and other universities with fields of study that are closely linked to the current economic and technological development of Vietnam.
"Getting closer to the students will allow us to listen, understand, and thereby develop the French-language training programs that meet to their employability expectations, especially in the French-speaking labor market," expressed by Prof. Laurent Sermet.
Prof. Laurent Sermet - Director of AUF Asia-Pacific - shared his remarks at the Inauguration Ceremony.
In fact, AUF Asia-Pacific occupies a total of 3 spaces, all of which are consolidated in the Ta Quang Buu Library of Hanoi University of Science and Technology: 2 spaces on the 6th floor and 1 space called CNF Hanoi on the 2nd floor.
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