Call for application: Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative 2022

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1.  Background

The Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative (HYLI) reflects Hitachi’s long-term commitment to Asia. Established in 1996, HYLI is a regional thought leadership and social responsibility program organized by Hitachi, with the aim of helping Asia identify its future leaders by providing a platform for bright university students. At the initiative, four of the best and brightest university students from each participating country meet to discuss current regional and global issues. They also exchange views with prominent speakers who are the Asian leaders of today, representing governments, business and academia.  

Originally starting with six countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan - the resounding success of the program encouraged Hitachi to expand the initiative to include Vietnam beginning the 8thHYLI (2007) and Myanmar beginning 13th HYLI (2015).  

2.  Objectives

Key objectives of HYLI are: 

•       Further develop the student participants’ perception and understanding of regional and global issues that impact society. 

•       Encourage Asian solidarity among potential young leaders by addressing regional challenges together. 

•       Promote cross-cultural understanding through education, common activities and shared experiences. 

•       Create a platform for the exchange of views from different perspectives. 

•       Provide a network for potential future Asian leaders. 

3.  Overview of HYLI 2022

Building on the success of past initiatives, Hitachi will host its HYLI 2022 in Singapore from the 18th to 21st July 2022. 

The main theme for HYLI 2022 is “Social Innovation in the New Normal”. Student delegates can expect to learn and interact with prominent leaders and experts on the theme. Moreover, student participants can expect activities for networking and intercultural exchange to help establish global careers in the future. 

·       Applications will be open to students from across Vietnam.

·       Application deadline: end of April 2022

·       Registration link:

·       HYLI Microsite: primary sources of communication for news and updates on application timeline, and other information.

4.  Guests of Honor and Keynote Speakers in 15th HYLI (2019)

All past archive from 1st HYLI (1996) to 15th HYLI (2019) is available on the following site.

5.  Covid-19 Restictions and Travel  

While Covid-19 restictions on travel within Asia has eased, if selected for the program, students must comply with all Singapore Covid-19 requiements in addition to their home country requirements upon returning. 

For more details: CLICK HERE

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