Call for application: 03 scholarships on TF-NUS LEaRN Programme 2022

Chủ nhật - 03/04/2022 20:20

The TF-NUS LEaRN programme has been suspended the past few years due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. Last year, we were able to have your support in participating in the online programme of the TF-NUS LEaRN Young Asian Leaders Initiative (YALI 2021). In 2022, we will be resuming our TF- NUS LEaRN Programme in July.

This programme, sponsored by TF and NUS, will be focused on:

i)                 Nurturing holistic resilience for our future and success

ii)                Building networks and developing intercultural skills with other Southeast Asian friends.

iii)              Futures Thinking with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation by the esteemed Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Scholarships for HUST students: 03

  • Participants will receive a financial award of SGD1500* upon the successful completion of the programme.
  • Programme fees and accommodation in Singapore worth SGD 3,500 are fully sponsored.  

*This is used to cover the cost of return airfare and living expenses in Singapore

Details: HUST students click HERE.

To apply: HUST student click HERE.

Deadline for HUST students: 13 April, 23:59 pm (Vietnam time)

Contact for inquiries:

  • Ms. Phuong Nguyen, External Affairs Office (HUST)
  • Email:
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