2022-2 POSCO Asia Fellowship Program

Thứ năm - 31/03/2022 21:45

Opportunities for HUST students to study in graduate schools in Korea.

[*]       Application deadline: April 21, 2022

[*]       Only for Natural sciences and Engineering major

[*]       Online application for scholarship: https://www.postf.org/en/asia/online/application_apply.do

THE POSCO ASIA FELLOWSHIP (PAF) is for graduate students (full MA 2 years and full PhD 3 years) and this year, open for only who studied science and engineering field.

You need to apply the PAF through online and at the same time get the admission for 2022 Fall Semester from our desire universities by yourselves.

Students are recommended to contact and get the permission from POSTECH's graduate schools. Information on graduate admission in POSTECH can be found at: https://blog.naver.com/posco_foundation/222686684405

Please scan the QR code for more details or follow the link: https://www.postf.org/ko/news/org/view.do?fnSeq=1265


POSCO INTERNATIONAL is a company playing a leading role in Korea’s economic development through export enlargement since 1982. Main business fields include international trade, development and management of infrastructure, and resource development. Utilizing the international network comprised of more than 80 subsidiaries across the world. POSCO INTERNATIONAL establishes value chains in various areas of business including steel, energy, agro-commodities, chemical products, machinery parts, infrastructure, and so on, discovering sustainable business models.

POSTECH (https://www.postech.ac.kr/eng/)

Established in 1986 by POSCO as Korea’s first research university, POSTECH is now a flagship university spearheading the development of science and technology around the world. POSTECH’s collaborative and intimate academic community have been nurturing global leaders, performing outstanding research, and creating new visions and social value for future generations for the past 35+ years.


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