One Mount Group Scholarships

Thứ năm - 04/02/2021 20:39

One Mount Group (1MG) is a pioneering and leading enterprise in improving the efficiency of Vietnam’s economy as well as the citizens’ quality of life.

The collaboration between Hanoi University of Science and Technology and 1MG has paved the way for The One Mount Group Talent Incubator program. The program provides several valuable scholarships for HUST students to support their study and research. The External Affairs Office would like to announce the scholarship selection criteria as follows:


  • Senior students at HUST
  • CPA > 3.1, priority to students having good English language proficiency
  • Priority is given to disadvantaged students.

Registered students will be chosen to participate in the 2021 internship program of 1MG.

Number of scholarships: 25 scholarships.

Value: 870 USD / scholarship.

Required documents:

1. Application form (link) completed before 06/02/2021

2. Transcripts and English certificate (if any): submitted at the beginning of the internship program at One Mount Group

3. Certificate of participation and completion of the One Mount Group Talent Incubator Program (link);


Hanoi University of Science and Technology

  • Ms. Trinh Thi Thuy Linh - External Affairs Office | Email:

One Mount Group Joint Stock Company

  • Mr. Le Dinh Thinh, Training Specialist -
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