Welcome International Exchange Students to HUST - Fall Semester 2023

Thursday - 24/08/2023 14:14
Welcome International Exchange Students to HUST - Fall Semester 2023
This Fall semester 2023, Hanoi University of Science and Technology welcomes nearly 60 international students in different student exchange programs: the HUST-HTW Dresden Summer School Program, the EU Mobility Program for Myanmar (EMPM),  the GDORM Program of HUST and Niigata University, and the Semester Student Exchange Program within the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements between HUST and our diverse international university partners worldwide.

On August 22, the Welcome and Orientation Day was organized in a warm atmosphere for all HUST International Exchange students, with the attendance of Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Phong Dien - HUST Vice-President and many HUST staff and faculty from HUST Offices and Schools. The event also had the attendance of Prof. Arne Cierjacks - the Program Director of the HUST-HTW Dresden Summer School. 

By giving a welcome address to all international exchange students of HUST, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Phong Dien expressed his happiness to see a lot of exchange students from very close partners of HUST such as IPSA, INSA Toulouse or TU Munich, OTH Regensburg… and to know many new partners who send HUST their students for the first time such as IPN (Mexico), Free University of Bozen-”Bolzano (Italy), MePhi (Russia) and especially HTW Dresden (Germany) - with the Summer School Program that the two universities have cooperated to organize for the first time... “I wish that all of you have a good preparation for your study time ahead at HUST and a rewarding journey of experience in Vietnam.”, shared by Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Phong Dien. 
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Phong Dien, Vice President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology speaks at the ceremony on August 22.
Talking about the HUST-HTW Dresden Summer Program’s objectives, Prof. Arne Cierjacks emphasized: “This program focuses on exploring the major problems such as climate change and biological issues that our whole planet is currently facing, so Vietnam is not an exception. We would like to study and discuss together on this topic with Vietnamese professors and students”
Prof. Arne Cierjacks, Executive Director of HUST Program - HTW Dresden Summer School shares at the ceremony on August 22
Besides, international students also had a chance to learn about some basic information on the training regulations of HUST from the HUST Academic Affairs Office and shared with us their very first impressions about HUST and Vietnam. 

In the ceremony, a student from Technical University of Munich expressed his excitement to come to Vietnam and attending a course on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Besides the desire to gain practical knowledge and experience in the field, he intends to learn more about Vietnamese culture and art.

Returning to Vietnam for the second time, Cho Su Wai - a computer science student at Yango University, Myanmar, expressed his love for Vietnam: “I want to speak Vietnamese fluently, moreover, by joining this exchange program at HUST, I will gain useful knowledge about the major that I am pursuing”.

When the welcome session came to the end, we took many cute photos together. After taking the campus tour around HUST, an orientation session is well-prepared for exchange students to learn about Vietnamese people and the lifestyle here. Bonding games are hosted by I-Buddy Team, bringing in great time for everyone to get to know each other. 

Upcoming, the External Affairs Office will host a series of cultural-exploring activities where international students are expected to dive deep into the local lifestyle, language and cuisine. Regarding the academic matters, meetings (with HUST professors) are also scheduled for each group students who joined in different programs at HUST for the week after.

Some pictures from the Orientation session:
orientation session

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