NEU x HUST | Online Chinese Semester Course 102

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NEU x HUST | Online Chinese Semester Course 102

Registration link: click here or scan QR code in the poster

Registration Deadline: 30/08/2021

Program information: Schedule: early of October

This course is for:

  • Current HUST students
  • HUST alumni
  • Current HUST students
  • Academic/ administrative staff at HUST

Course fee: Fee waiver 

I. Teaching Method

All courses of this project are taught online, and the teaching method of live broadcast + recorded broadcast is adopted. The courses are divided into two categories: language learning and cultural practice.

II. Training Goals



  1. To enable students to master the basic theories and basic knowledge of Chinese;


  1. Cultivate students' Chinese language and communication skills;


  1. To expose students to Chinese culture and understand the conditions of contemporary China.

III.  Programs Description

Pre-Intermediate level program is designed for students who have learned Chinese for a short period of time and would like to improve their Chinese to a higher level. Students who have very basic Chinese language competence are suggested to choose this program. Here is a useful Chinese language test website:

You can find the HSK test sample and answers for different levels and take the practice test by
yourself to find your general Chinese level for free. If you are below or at HSK level 3, you are
suggested to choose this Elementary level program.

For course details, click here or scan QR code in the poster

For further information, please contact:

External Affairs Office: Ms. Phuong Nguyen | Email: | Phone: 0968498104

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