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Talented Program in Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics 

The Talent on Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics Program was designed to fulfill the demand of connecting between research and application in new-high technology – Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics. The purpose of this program is to give the student the knowledge, skills on designing, improving, solving, and deploying the technical solution; building, organizing, and developing research and development (R&D) group. Especially, this program also provides for student the fundamental knowledge, the overview for further development in new hybrid/multidiscipline fields like biophysics, molecular physics, medical-physics, nano electromechanical system (NEMS), etc.…

This program was built based on the programs of Applied and Nano Physics of top universities, in which students are promoted to build the self-learning, lifelong learning skill, to have ability to develop independently the knowledge and skills for working in international environment. Following this program, students have opportunities to approach state of the art technology, the international research group. This program could provide student the knowledge for developing new technology, new technical solution for start-up company. Moreover, in this program, students are provided the best conditions in HUST to develop their ability.

Knowledge and Skills


  • General knowledge on Mathematics, Physics, hyper-Physics and Science (Chemistry, Informatic, Electric and Electronics) from that they could develop and get on with new-high technology in Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics;
  • Understand and know how to use the modern method, equipment, measurement system to collect, analyze data; to design and evaluate the technological solutions; to operate the high technology production line.


  • Professional skills and attitude in study, research, and work;
  • Ability on self-learning and developing lifelong learning skill;
  • Skills in social communication, social activities, group working, using foreign language(s), working in international environment; 
  • Ability in designing and presentation the technical idea/solution in research and production.

Foreign languages

  • Fluent using English in communication and work, TOEIC score over 600. 

 Duration and Higher Education Opportunities

  • Bachelor: 4 years
  • Combined program Bachelor-Master: 5.5 years

The reputation of Talent program was built and affirmed by the success of alumni. The students of Talent on Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics Program are favorable to Scholarship program for higher education in US, EU, Japan, Korea…

Opportunities to get Scholarships and Financial Support

Financial Support

Beside the financial support program of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the students in Talent on Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics Programs also have opportunities to receive the scholarships from School of Engineering Physics for distinguished (in both study, research, and social activities) or disadvantaged students.

Opportunities to International Student Exchange Program and Higher Education Scholarship

Have advantage in applying International Exchange Program and Scholarship;
Are supported to apply studying/researching scholarship for further study in developed countries like US, EU, Korea, Japan;
Have a fruitful alumni community. The alumni community is a huge resource which could help the young talent students in finding opportunities to develop their career.   

Job Opportunities 

  • 100% of graduate students have job or scholarship for higher education just after graduating. About one third of talent students receives scholarship for higher education in developed countries like US, Japan, Korea, and EU in the first year of graduation.

Typical Positions

  • Engineer or key person in high tech companies like Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, Viettel, Vinaphone, Bo Viet, Rang Dong, ….;
  • Researcher and lecturer in Universities, key research institute;
  • Open start-up company in nano materials, high technology;
  • Especially, about 40% of talent student received scholarship to get higher education in US, Germany, France, Japan, Korea …Some of them are now the key person in top-100 University or Key Laboratory in US, Japan.


School of Engineering Physics

Address: Office 101- C10 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, No 01 Dai Co Viet street, Hai Ba Trung district, 100000 Hanoi

Phone: +84(0) 24 38693350




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