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Monday - 10/12/2018 01:33

HEDSPI Program - Higher Education Support Project on ICT


  • Viet Nhat IT Engineers Program (also known with the name HEDSPI) has started in August 2006, stemming from a Japanese Government education support project for Vietnam, with the goal to create IT engineers with sufficient professional skills as well as Japanese language ability to work in Japanese market.
  • The curriculumn as well as the courses' content are designed with support from Japanese university professors. During operation (from 2006 to present), many subjects are closely coordinated with Japanese companies to update professional knowledge, sticking to Japanese market requirements.
  • Beside professional knowledge to ensure students graduate can obtain level 2 in the ITSS professional framework, many Japanese language subjects are provided in the program. General Japanese are provided to students in the first and second years, professional Japanese is provided from the third year onwards and some IT subjects in Japanese are provided in the fourth and fifth years. Japanese language ensures that graduates achieve a minimum of N3 standards on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Japanese language proficiency scale.

Job positions

  • The main goal of the Viet Nhat education program is to create Vietnamese IT engineers who can go to Japan to work as soon as they graduate. After some years of efforts with the experience in implementing the program, actual number is over 50% to 60% of students now get jobs at IT companies in Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities in Japan right in the last year of the program. The income of these students who graduated to work in Japan is no different from the income of IT engineers who just graduated from Japan (about 3000usd/month).
  • In addition to job positions in Japan, job position at Japanese companies in Vietnam is also a good choice for graduates of the Viet Nhat program. After a few years of experience, students often develop  themself to become bridge engineers (Bridge-SE) at Japanese IT companies in Vietnam.
  • Studying in Japan after graduation is also a good option. About 5% -10% of students pursuing this way every year.

Scholarship opportunities

  • Students have the opportunity to receive a School scholarship, participate in student exchange programs with Japanese universities or practice at Japanese businesses.
  • Thanks to having good Japanese ability, students have many opportunities to receive scholarships after graduation (graduate, PhD) from the Japanese government.
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