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Advanced Program in Global ICT (conducted in English)

(Download the program cirriculum HERE)


  • Global Engineering Program in Information and Communication Technology (Global ICT) was started off in 2009. The aim of this educational program is to train global engineers that are good at not only Information and Communication Technology but also English - an international language. These engineers will play the bridging role in connecting the Vietnamese ICT market and the international ICT market all over the world.


  • 5 years standard educational duration with 166 credits in total.
  • Global ICT program provides intensive English training in the first academic year in order to improve English skills of students including listening, speaking, reading, writing and integrated skills.
  • All specialized courses are given in English with the curricula meeting international standards, where the practical time in the laboratory is equivalent to the theoretical time in the classroom. 
  • The program provides fundamental courses in Information and Communication Technology such as Programming Language, Software Technology, Computer Network, Database and Computer Architecture.
  • The program provides advanced courses in designing and developing Smart Software, Internet Applications, Embedded Systems and Network System Administrations.
  • All students are sent to industry to do an internship at the third academic year. 
  • All students do continuous researches under the supervision of faculty members from the fourth academic year.

International learning environments

  • The program receives frequently exchange and full-time students from Japan (2), Australia (1), Germany (2), Spain (1), Indonesia (1), Korea (1). 
  • The program receives from times to times international professors for giving courses. For example professors from The University of Iowa (America), Uppsala University (Sweden), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea), Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan), University of Turku (Finland) and many other universities all over the world ...

Exchange and scholarship opportunities - "Global ICT goes everywhere"

Cooperating activities of Global ICT Program

  • There are many one-semester exchange opportunites with the universities in German, Sweden, Japan and Canada each year. 
    More information about annual exchange programs

  • A lot of Global ICT students have attended EBA Fieldwork in Japan and other Asian countries with sponsored expense. 

A report from a group of Global ICT EBA participants

  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology cooperates with University of Aizu (Japan) in the "3 + 2 Program", in which students will enroll in the University of Aizu Bachelor's program after studying at HUST for three years.

The first cohort of students attending "3 + 2 Program"

  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology cooperates with Uppsala University (Sweden) in the "3 + 1 Program since 2018"

News on 3 + 1 Program with Uppsala University

  • http://htqt.hust.edu.vn/en/news-event/662--hop-tac-dao-tao-31-chuong-trinh-global-ict-giua-truong-dhbk-ha-noi-va-dh-uppsala-thuy-dien.html

  • Global ICT students have chances of continuing Master’s and Doctor’s program in developed countries such as Finland, Japan, German, Australia, America and so on without taking English tests.

Admission for international exchange students 

Global ICT program welcomes all international students. International students can apply for fulltime study or one semester exchange in Global ICT program. From 2015 Global ICT program have received 1 fulltime student from Korea and 7 exchange students from Spain, Japan, Germany, Australia and Indonesia. 


Interested students should send following documents to the address: linhtd@soict.hust.edu.vn

  • CV with contact information 
  • Letter of purpose 
  • Transcript of university academic records
  • List of courses that student wishes to take. 
  • International English test results: TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS 

Important dates 


Semester 1 (Autumn)

Semester 2 (Spring)


Application Deadline

May 30th

Oct 30th

2.5 month before the starting of the Semester

Acceptance Notification



2 weeks after reception of application

Expected Arrival Date

Middle of August

Middle of January

Begining of the semester



Middle of January

Begining of the semester

Semester Period 

August -January next year

January –June 


More information

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