Call for application:  the G-DORM Online Programs 2022 (Spring Program), organized by Niigata University.

Monday - 05/12/2022 21:10
NIIGATA UNIVERSITY (Japan) in collaboration with four (4) universities from Mekong countries - ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF PHNOM PENH (Cambodia), NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF LAOS (Laos), CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY (Thailand), and HANOI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Vietnam) – has conducted “G-DORM Project” which has some student exchange programs aiming to develop global SciTech leaders capable of solving regional revitalization issues from an integrative standpoint.
  1. Period of Program:
From 20th February 2023 to 3rd March 2023 (excluding the period of pre- and post-study assignments).
  1. Summary of Planned Activities:
Global Extension of Technology from Niigata Contributing to Problem-solving for SDGs in the Asian countries.
The COIL in this program will be conducted in cooperation with companies mainly in Niigata. In the history of globalization, industry in Niigata had several innovations. Companies in Niigata have developed their market internationally by improving their production techniques, the scale of their productivity, and quality management.
This COIL program is planned to aim for students to understand the development process and current status of industries/companies in Niigata on international relations (international extension and/or international competitiveness, etc.). In addition, to suggest challenges for extension of their products/technology in the Asian counties to contribute to problem-solving for SDGs [UN Sustainable Development Goals], considering the cultural differences from Japan. This aims to make students better understand technology application in a real-world problem in the context of cultural differences.
  1. Certificate Policy:
  • A certificate of participation will be provided by Niigata University to students who complete all the activities and assignments of the program.
  • The issuance of the certificate will be conducted after the confirmation that the said students attend all activities and submit all documentation assigned by Niigata University in principle.
  1.  Accreditation:
  • Students who complete the program and are graded to show a certain performance will get a credit for the global internship course “Global Market Group Work Internship A” (2 credits) at Niigata University.
  • Overseas students will be officially registered as auditing students at Niigata University. This is the same status as a student who comes to Niigata University as an exchange student by studying abroad.
  1.  Requirements:
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at each university and shall maintain the same student status throughout the program period (until Mar 3 in 2023).
  •  Have enough ability to speak, listen, read and write English.
  • Have a positive manner to participate in all activities and discussions.
  • Have good motivation to work as a member of an international student group.
  • Promise to attend all times of the program activities in principle.
  •  Promise to submit questionnaires, reports and other required documents by the due date.
  • Demonstrate good performance with business and social manners (Ex. NOT leak any confidential information, compensate for the damages/losses which were caused by you, etc.).
  • Have the motivation to active exchanges among participating students during as well as before and after the program even online.
  • Approve to use of your personal information including the photos and movies including you for future activities. The NU G-DORM team would like to take movies and photos during the activities. The movies and photos will be used for not only publicity but also the development of educational materials for the
  • G-DORM. For this sake, it is required to submit the “Agreement on the Use of Personal Information”
  1. How to apply:
More information can be found Application Guidelines for G-DORM Online Program 2022.
Step 1: Fill in the form before December 8th:
Step 2: Send all completed document both in hard and soft (pdf) to Ms, Mai Chi, External Affairs Office, Room 212-C1 (; 0968566369)
(1) Application Form with attaching Face Photo Image (Use the attached form, Word)
(2) Written Pledge (Use the attached form, Word)
(3) Agreement on the Use of Personal Information (Use the attached form, Word)

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