Announcement for AOTULE Student Conference 2022 Online

Monday - 26/09/2022 00:02

AOTULE, founded in 2007, is a league of thirteen premiere engineering universities in the Asia-Oceania region. The AOTULE promotes inter-university cooperation through joint programs including an annual Dean's meeting, student workshop and exchanges of students and staff, in order to improve the quality of engineering education and research of the members. It aims to broaden participating students' perspectives through education, research and cross-cultural interactions.

Date and time: Nov. 11 2022.(Friday) 12:00~14:30

Mode:  Online  

Organized by: National Taiwan University (NTU)

To register, please complete both links:


Deadline: Monday, October 10th, 2022, 10:00 a.m

Theme and Schedule

2022 Nov. 11


Program-Student Conference
AOTULE Junior Activity for Green Future


Presentation w/o speech #1
Engineering & Technology for Clean Energy
Presentation w/o speech #2
Engineering & Technology for Environmental Sustainability
Presentation w/o speech #3
Artificial Intelligence for Green Future

Benefits for the participants:

  • Make friends in other countries and establish an international network
  • Learn about relations among Asian countries
  • Receive a Certificate of Program Completion (Tobe confirmed)

Member Universities:

1.    Korea  Advanced  Institute  of  Science  and Technology 

2.    Bandung Institute of Technology

3.    Chulalongkorn University

4.   Hanoi University of Science and Technology

5.   Indian Institute of Technology Madras

6.   Nanyang Technological University

7.   National Taiwan University

  1. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  2. The University of Melbourne
  3. Tokyo Institute of Technology
  4. Tsinghua University
  5. University of Malaya
  6. University of Moratuwa


Participants should have sufficient ability to communicate in written and spoken English. Participants are required to participate in group discussion before the conference.

Participants: Around 50 from member universities.

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