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Thursday - 04/02/2021 15:21

Highlight projects related to knowledge technology transfer and innovation

Project FIRST - Promote innovation through scientific and technological research

The project "Promoting innovation through scientific and technological research" (FIRST) contributes to improving productivity, competitiveness and quality of Vietnam's economic growth through growth. to increase the efficiency of scientific research, technology development and application activities, strongly promote technology innovation and innovation in enterprises to create added value for the economy.

  • Project executing agency: Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
  • Concessional creditors: World Bank (WB)
  • Total funding: 100,000,000 USD

The project helps the BK-Holdings Center for Science and Technology to have more resources to boldly invest in technology business incubation that needs long-term investment capital.

IPP Project - Innovation Partnership Program

The Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) is an Official Development Assistance (ODA) program financed jointly by the Governments of Vietnam and Finland.

  • Project executing agency: Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
  • Concessional creditors: Government of Finland.
  • Total funding: 1,593,088,406 VND

BK-Holdings is implementing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (TOT2). This is part of IPP2's cooperation plan with universities to strengthen the role of universities in the Vietnamese innovation startup ecosystem. TOT2 focuses on providing students with modern teaching methods and approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship. Teaching the program are experienced lecturers from Finland and the United States.

TOT2's goals include:

  • Train resource trainers in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • To teach innovation and entrepreneurship in university teaching
  • Promote the formation of an innovative startup ecosystem at Vietnamese universities

Project 844 - National innovation startup ecosystem support project to 2025

BK-Holdings implements 04 tasks under 04 contracts signed with Office of National Science and Technology Programs, Department of Market Development and Science and Technology Enterprises.

Responsible agency: Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

  • Mission 06: 849,000,000 VND. Building and developing community of Individual investors
  • Mission 07: 849,000,000 VND. Building, developing community KN consultant investor
  • Mission 01: 2,500,000,000 VND. Building an inter-university incubation model.
  • Mission 05: 700,000,000 VND. Training start-up support staff for local and university.

BIPP Project - A project to support capacity building, strengthening operations for start-up incubators

The BIPP project is designed to contribute to Vietnam's socio-economic development strategy and to help Vietnam continue its economic growth to become an industrialized country by 2020 thanks to a strong force of small and medium S&T enterprises.

  • Responsible agency: Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
  • Total funding: 500,000,000VND

In the BIPP project, BK-Holdings takes on the role of implementing innovative start-up training courses with the aim of improving incubator capacity and increasing quantity, quality and awareness of the bio-factors Entrepreneurship. Encyclopedia of startup development

Caritas Switzerland and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

Implementation content of the project: piloting solar and electric bicycle with a model to support economic development for the poor and the disabled in Hanoi

  • Governing body: Caritas Switzerland Foundation and REEEP
  • Total funding: 4,358,200,000 VND

The project implemented by BK-Holdings has provided electric bicycle rental services with features of green energy, clean transportation; promoting the use of renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions and raising awareness about renewable energy, clean transportation solutions and environmental protection for the community; building a sustainable social enterprise model.

JA Financial Management Training Program

Governing body and total sponsor:

Nguyen Hoang Group: 3,795,000,000 VND

Vinschool: 1,518,000,000 VND

The program is implemented to build training programs for high school students (grades 1 to 12) who love information technology, creative science and business. With the aim of incubating technological talent and creating a foundation for the young generation of 21st century citizens' skills, JSV inspires and enhances life-changing ideas.

Project on Developing E-Lectures on Nurturing Young Children

  • Governing body: FHI SOLUTIONS LLC, Alive & Thrive Vietnam
  • Total funding: VND 790,597,500

The project focuses on building up-to-date electronic lessons, detailed content related to Nurturing young children and is organized, presented with logic that parents can easily understand and apply.

The program fostering and supplementing general scientific knowledge for employees

  • Managing agency: Nissan Techno Vietnam Company Limited (NTV)
  • Total funding: 417,903,750 VND

The program is implemented with the aim of improving the capacity and knowledge base of the staff of Nissan Techno Vietnam Co., Ltd. (NTV). From there, the staff can improve work efficiency and labor productivity; motivating the company to develop.

Project of developing e-lessons and implementing online training

  • Executing agency: School of training and retraining for cadres and civil servants - social
  • Total sponsorship: 344,000,000 VND

The main goal of the construction of electronic courses:

  • Help learners understand lessons easier and more accurately with modern and modern pedagogic methods
  • Enhance the ability to self-study through electronic lectures, meet individuality in learning.
  • Helping learners can self-study anywhere, anytime.

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