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U-Multirank (https://www.umultirank.org/) is a European ranking system whose basic aim is to provide transparency about the diversity of higher education institutions. Compared to other global rankings, U-Multirank provides information on a wide range of higher education institutions and enables the user to identify and compare institutions with similar profiles and missions.

The system looks at five dimensions: teaching & learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. It combines institutional ranking (comparing whole institutions) and field-based rankings, based on individual disciplines. In contrast to other rankings, U-Multirank is user-driven: it leaves the decision on the relevance of individual indicators to users.

U-Multirank allows institutions to be assessed on a range of individual performance measures, with the performance groupings per measure ranging from “1” (very good) to “5” (weak). U-Multirank does not produce composite scores because there is no sound methodological justification for “adding up” the scores on diverse individual measures, or for weighting them to produce a single composite score as used in league tables. Therefore, it allows transparent comparisons and not an over-simplified league table. Based on empirical data, U-Multirank compares institutions with similar institutional profiles and allows users to develop personalized rankings by selecting performance measures/indicators in terms of their own preferences.

This table below is shown the U-Multirank  Ranking  results of HUST in 2018:

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