Mathematics and Informatics

Thursday - 06/12/2018 20:02

Talented Program in Mathematics and Informatics


  • Students are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in computer science, as well as basic and advanced knowledge of mathematics and applied mathematics.

Job opportunity

  • Specialists in research and development (R&D), software specialists in IT companies, telecommunications, e-commerce, technology corporations,...
  • Informatics specialists at enterprises, finance and insurance companies, banks, state administrative agencies,...;
  • Faculty of computing or mathematics at colleges and universities; researcher in Mathematics and Informatics;
  • Expert in statistics analysis, forecast, risk management, investment appraisal at banks, finance companies, insurance companies, enterprises, etc;
  • Specialist in applied mathematics in transportation, telecommunications, irrigation, agriculture, industry, health, ...
  • Popular salary ranges from 10 - 15 million VND / month

Scholarship opportunities

  • Opportunity to receive scholarships and financial support of the University; scholarship of the Bach Khoa Math Alumni Association with a total value of 30 million / year; scholarship of Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (11 million / 1 term); scholarships from businesses such as 3C, ITSOL, Grooo International ...
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