Elitech’s Vision and Mission

Thursday - 06/12/2018 18:41

The Elitech programs focus on training cutting-edge core technologies towards Industry 4.0


  • Studying in small classroom

  • Instructed by excellent faculty with intentive curriculum content and advanced foreign language training

  • Facilitated to participate in research groups of HUST instructors and to work in interdisciplinary teams  from the early academic years

  • Practice solving real technical problems of enterprises during study

  • Have opportunities to study with foreign instructors,  to exchange to other foreign academic institutions, and to articulate to higher education of foreign partner universities

A typical ELITECH classroom 


  • Improve the level of foreign languages such as English, French, Japanese to meet the international standards

  • Invite visiting foreign intellectuals from well-known institution  to teach Elitech students

  • Exchange students in short term with bilateral credit recognition

  • Have double degree agreements with partner universities for B.Sc and M.Sc programs

Techtalk of the world-wide well known Sir. Alamouti at HUST in April 2019

Techtalk from the business and solutions manager - Cindy Nguyen -  Google Asia Pacific - April 2019

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