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 Special Programs and Opportunities

Special Programs and Opportunities Special Programs and Opportunities

There are 12 international twining programs between HUST and prestigious universities in Germany, the USA, Russia, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, including:

Mechatronic - NUT (Japan), Electronic and Communication - LUH (Germany), Information System Design and Management - G-INP (France), Information Technology - LTU (Australia), Business Administration and Software Technology - VUW (New Zealand) programs

These programs are agreed upon by HUST and partner universities with training time from four to five years depending on the program. The programs are conducted in two stages: stage 1 (from two to four years) with the students studying at HUST and stage 2 (from one to three years) with the students continuing to study at HUST or being transferred to partner universities. Students studying at HUST for both stage 1 and 2 will be granted a full-time degree from HUST while those studying at partner universities at stage 2 will receive degree from the partner universities.

Business Administration and Computer Science - TROY (the USA) and Business Administration - UPMF (France) programs

These programs are designed by the partner universities. The training time for TROY University and UPMF university programs are 3.5 and 4 years respectively. Students can choose between studying full-time at HUST or being transferred to partner universities in stage 2. Graduates will receive degree from partner universities.

International standard programs by HUST

The Industrial Management program, under the Industrial System management discipline, was developed by Hanoi University of Science and Technology, in compliance with international standards, with English as the medium of instruction. Graduates from this program receive Bachelor degree of Industrial Management by HUST.

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