Truy cập nội dung luôn

 List of Schools and Faculties

Schools, Faculties, Institutes Schools, Faculties, Institutes

Schools, Faculties

  1. School of Biotechnology and Food Technology

  2. School of Information and Communication Technology

  3. School of Mechanical Engineering

  4. School of Transportation Engineering

  5. School of Textile – Leather and Fashion

  6. School of Electrical Engineering

  7. School of Electronics and Telecommunications

  8. School of Environmental Science and Technology 

  9. School of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration 

  10. School of Materials Science and Technology

  11. School of Economics and Management

  12. School of Chemical Engineering

  13. School of Foreign Languages

  14. School of Engineering Pedagogy

  15. School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

  16. School of Engineering Physics

  17. School of Continuing Education

  18. Faculty of National Defense – Security Education

  19. Faculty of Physical Education

  20. Faculty of Political Theory

Research Centers/Schools/Institues

  1. International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS)

  2. Vietnam-Japan International Institute for Science of Technology (VJIIST)

  3. Institute for Control Engineering and Automation (ICEA)

  4. Institute of Space and Underwater Technology

  5. International Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (ICSE)

  6. International Research Institute: Multimedia, Information, Communication and Application (MICA)

  7. Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (AIST)

  8. Institute for research and development  of natural products (INAPRO)

  9. Biomedical Electronics Centre (BMEC)

  10. Centre for Research and Development on Satellite Navigation Technology in South East Asia (NAVIS)

  11. Bach Khoa Internet Security